March 3, 2018

During the photoshoot I asked MILA how did DMITRIY proposed to you? And so she told me a fun story.....



MILA: It was a Monday night. After a rough day at work and a relaxing bath there I was lying in bed with freshly washed and still wet hair wearing my pajamas and checking my email before I fall asleep.

My boyfriend was reading something on his computer when suddenly he says, “Do you want a surprise?” Well who doesn’t?!





So I slowly and lazily crawl towards his desktop when he says “dress up”. Oh, it better be good! So I put on random clothes and we go for a ride. It seemed like we were going to be late for something so I expected a show of some sort or fireworks. My only fear was that we wouldn’t go to a restaurant or somewhere to take pictures because I had no makeup on and my hair was still wet. When we parked in down town we literally almost ran towards the parking lot roof. When we climbed to the top of the roof he excitedly said: “Here you go, here is the surprise!” Ok, it was nice that he took me to the place where we met but it wasn’t good enough for the big surprise he made it seemed to be. It was just so funny to me that I started to laugh to tears. He did prepare a speech of some sort but it was useless to say something because I just couldn’t stop laughing. So he just handled me the ring.



















We met also on the third Monday of the month and since our story began at that roof we decided to start a new chapter of our relationship by taking the same walk we did the night when we first met on my birthday.






















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