His proposal was definitely one for the book!

May 11, 2018


ALBINA : For a few years Viktor and I attended the same church and even sang in choir together but never really noticed each other. One day though, Viktor was scrolling through Instagram
and commented on one of my pictures which made me catch interest in him. From there we started talking more and more each day.










After a couple weeks, Viktor asked me out on a date. Little did I know this was gonna be the start of our journey.. He didn't even hesitate to wait a few months and asked me to be his girlfriend right away. I told him I would give him an answer in a few days. So a few days pass and I still didn't give him an answer so he asks, " well you haven't answered my question yet.." in response I tell him, " it's not like I was gonna say no." We both laughed and I told him, "Yes, I will be your girlfriend." From that point on we made the most memorable moments and grew so much together.






7 months down the line, Viktor and I decided to take a step further in life and our commitment to each other and we got engaged. His proposal was definitely one for the books! I had some idea it was coming soon but had no clue as to when exactly or even where. It happened at Echo lake near Lake Tahoe with most of our friends as witnesses. Viktor's sense of humor definitely made this proposal a memorable one. He got down on one knee and as he asked me to marry him, he dropped the box into the water. Now I know you're thinking, oh my gosh!! But he secretly had the ring in his pocket! So as I'm in shock about to yell at him to jump in to get it, he pulls out the ring and i scream in excitement Yes!! We are now happily married and so extremely blessed to have one another!









YOU CAN VIEW COMPLETE SESSION https://www.tanyamaximova.com/photo-albums













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