How to make Surprise proposal ...Max & Lilya at Golden Gate bridge.

January 10, 2019

Max: It was 4-5 months ago when Lilya and I decided to take a break for a week and fly for a short vacation, some place warm. Our friends, Oleg and Natasha lived in  California so the choice was obvious, we were  flying to California! I have booked tickets and all we had to do is wait for January.

For the last 2 months, all I was  thinking how to make the

most beautiful and memorable proposal. I thought about

doing it in Chicago or San Francisco. After all, San

Francisco was better choice in every way. It had the

most beautiful places to offer and one of them was the

Golden Gate bridge! I was very worried about a weather

and if everything will go according to plan. But when we

got there, everything was perfect. I couldn't believe my

eyes and in my head was only one thought, how

beautiful Lilya is. Standing on my knee, I was

overwhelmed with emotions for a second, I even forgot

what to say. But all it mattered,that at the end she said

"Yes", and this was the most important thing at that



Lilya: It was the most beautiful proposal and my heart is

still in awe , I still can’t believe that I’m engaged to the

man that I love. So,this proposal was very special for

me. We had a photo-shoot planed by the Golden Gate.

Our photographer asked us to wear formal outfits. And

we were in the middle of our photoshoot and then the

photographer asked me to turn around and face the

Golden Gate Bridge while Max ( my fiancé ) was behind

me , and when I turned around, he was on one knee

holding a gorgeous shiny ring in his hand and asked me

to marry him. Of course at that moment I thought that

this was just part of the photo session and was not real.

But when I looked around, our friends had flowers in

their hands and the photographer kept taking pictures.

My first words were,if he is serious ? Is this a joke ? I just

couldn’t believe that he is asking me to spend the rest

of his life beeeing with him. I kept staring at the ring and

then looking at him and I only had one thought in my

mind,how I am going to tell my mom about the

proposal! And of course I told him YES and YES YES

many times, how could I have said No to the man of my

dreams and the love of my life. I’m so happy to be

engaged !!!












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May 4, 2019